ME“My Passion: being Artist. Photography, Digital Artwork, Editing, Music Projects keep me busy. 

My Love: Travel. It is a competition between nature and city views, I never can get enough from both.

My Engagement: Writing, composing, to capture our amazing world that is waiting for us when we step outside the door and sketching and  painting with acrylics.”

 Born in Germany and based in Texas after moving  for some years, former literature student and band leader Melanie Sainturi became a Fan of the Landscapes, Fullness of Color, Wildlife and the American Culture and Art.

” I like to share my World of Inspiration while on Travel,  resulting Artwork, Writings and Music Projects. Our world is full of creativity and deep understandings if we pause for a moment and watch and listen.”

Melanie Sainturi


2014/17© Melanie Sainturi, Artist