pfcsme1cWelcome to Art & Inspire!

My name is Melanie Sainturi, Creative Writer and Editor and Photographer. Since sharing my travels, photography, part of my writing and digital art on my blog for the last years, I am glad to integrate hobbies and studies into business.

For photo requests and questions, please sent a message using the contact form.

Melanie Sainturi


More About Me:

My Passion: Being Creative. Writing, Photography, some Digital and Acrylic Artwork, Editing and reading books keep me busy.

My Love: Divides between nature and city views, I never can get enough from both, Music and Animals <3.

My Engagement: To express what our amazing world has to offer and to capture what is waiting for us when we step outside the door.

You can find me on the major Social Network, You Tube and since I have a passion for Books and Collectables and change my inventory from time to time, you can find me on the Advanced Seller Search on Ebay: melaniestr.texas .

As a German based in Texas, former literature student and  lifetime photograph hobbyist , I became a Fan of the Landscapes, Fullness of Color, Wildlife and the American Culture and Art. I like to share my World view, the Inspiration while on Travel, while visiting events. Our world is full of creativity and we can find a deep understandings if we pause for a moment, watch and listen.”

Melanie Sainturi



2014/2019© Melanie Sainturi, Artist



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