pfcsme1cWelcome to Art & Inspire!

My name is Melanie Sainturi, a German Creative Writer, Editor and Photographer living in Texas. Since sharing my travels, photography and part of my own writing on my blog for the last years, I am glad to integrate hobby and study here.

For photo requests and questions, please sent a message using the contact form.

Melanie Sainturi



More About Me:

My Passion: Being Creative. Writing, Photography, some Digital and Acrylic Artwork, Editing and reading books keep me busy.

My Love: Divides between nature and city views, I never can get enough from both, Music and Animals <3. I am Fan of the Texas Landscapes, Fullness of Color, Wildlife and Culture.

My Engagement: To express what our amazing world has to offer and to capture what is waiting for us when we step outside the door.

I do have a Art&Inspire Facebook and a You Tube Page, and since I have a passion for Books and Collectibles, changing my inventory from time to time, you can find me on the Advanced Seller Search on Ebay: melaniestr.texas .



2014/2019© Melanie Sainturi, Artist


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