In Black and White and Butterfly Habitat, Gladys Porter Zoo

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Open since 1971, one of the most enjoyable Zoo visits I took, the Gladys Porter Zoo is the place of over 300 animal species, over 200 of plants, the Africa, Asia, Tropical America and Australian area.

Gladys Porter Zoo (9)

Zebra Family in the Afternoon Heat at the African Area


Activities at the Zoo are Giraffe feeding, petting at the small world, train ride, kids splash area (which is most appreciated with the 35 plus degree in summer)Bird Aviary and the Butterflies, Bugs & Blooms -Butterfly Habitat.


Butterflies, Bugs & Blooms


Right straight from the Entrance is the Gorilla Habitat, giving a nice first begin of the walk around of the Zoo.


Closer Study of Gorillas


The Aquatic Center houses another special, to pet the Sting Rays. Too the look into the many aquariums.

Gladys Porter Zoo (23)

Lionfish at the Russell Aquatic Ecology Center


The small Butterfly and Bug Center gives a review about the cycle a Butterfly takes.


Butterflies, Bugs & Blooms


In the Herpetarium you can view the many snakes on display, from venomous to harmless.


There is a Atrium with a pool of the Crocodiles and Snapping Turtle. Furthermore turtles adn lizards.




Gladys Porter Zoo (4)

Butterfly gaining Energy


Further indoor Exhibit holds Bugs and Spiders and Bats.

Gladys Porter Zoo (1)

Cockroaches enjoying a meal


The Zoo is offers education and is a place of preservation with a beautiful tropical landscape.


Gladys Porter Zoo


Here to my first post about the Gladys Porter Zoo: Gladys Porter Zoo, Texas Photo Tour

For more Information and History follow the Gladys Porter Zoo Website link: Gladys Porter Zoo



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