Gladys Porter Zoo, Texas Photo Tour

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Driving to the tip of Texas is in parts feeling being in nowhere, until  the first sights of Palm trees of the tropical Rio Grande Valley appear. Next to the Beaches on the Island, the Historical Museum and Nature Parks – especially the birding areas- there is one of the best Zoos I visited: The Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville.


Open since 1971, it is not only a place for over 300 animal species, but over 200 of plants!

The Park is organised in the Africa, Asia, Tropical America and Australian area. Out of my experience it is a good idea to plan at least four hours in, more if you like to visit the petting zoo, have a train ride or like to feed the giraffes!

Brownsville Zoo

Greeted by the Gorillas after entering the Zoo



Since it can get pretty hot during summer (over 30 to 40’s inland), it is a relieve that this Zoo has indoor Exhibits on the way throughout! And for kids there is the super nice cool off splash area at the playground 🙂 .

Gladys Porter Zoo

One of the MANY indoor animals


Greeted by loud Macaws and passing a huge Tortoise , you be entering the open Aviary, special mentioning the Ibis.


To the more enclosed Parts counts the Komodo dragon Cave. As the Zoo site states, it is “the largest monitor in the world and can attain lenghts of 10 feet; adult males can weigh over 220 pounds.”

Gladys Porter Zoo 2018

Comodo Dragon

Further indoor activities are the Snake, Spider, Crocodile, Bug.. Exhibit (more to that in the next post!)  and the Aquatic Center. You have the opportunity to pet the Sting Rays:


The Zoo is offers education and is a place of preservation. Some parts (if you are not going in the hottest temperatures), gives you a tranquil feeling. Did I mention there are Kiosks throughout the park?


The Name of the Zoo comes from Gladys Porter, traveling with her husband amongs others to Africa, were she got the idea of the Zoo.


The Zoo is a must go, and all year around to enjoy, since I visited during Summer and Winter, with much capture opportunities, that will take a second part in my blog, to come soon.

Gladys Porter Zoo

For more Information and History follow the Gladys Porter Zoo Website link: Gladys Porter Zoo

With a special Thank You to my years of accompanying life, work together, support: Professional photo-edit work Sergio Ortega, reachable at sergiortegaweb

Gladys Porter Zoo 2018

©Melanie Sainturi




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