Revisiting the CSR ❤
A texas sunny and 32 degree hot (!) autumn Sunday lead me outdoors to the historical Old Town Springs' Pet Festival again. 


Hearing about the life stories of the rescued dogs I put my attention last year to the so brave, playful Spaniels.

..and finally again, strolling around the event I took a visit! 
As You can imagine, it always is a sad story shared about the destiny of the dogs that wait to find a new home, that they lost or never had.

Here from my last visit of the Cocker Spaniel Rescue & Adoption of East Texas.
IMG_4565sc IMG_4547sc

The Cocker Spaniel Rescue stands for one of many Organisations we can support in their Work or participate. 


Meeting each year for the awareness and support for the animal rescue groups, the event too houses a dog costume contest :-), the Wiener Dog Race, fun dog show... 
It was a joy being surrounded by all sizes of dogs and it is always worth visiting the historical Old Town Springs.


Old Town Springs 

Halloweeeen is coming:

The Pumpkins

©15/16 Melanie Sainturi