Springtime is here! The Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens in Houston, Texas

bayoubendhomeIts the time to enjoy the first days in spring and so, on a drizzly day in March, I got inspired by the lovely place of Former Owner Miss Ima Hoggs and her Grounds at Bayou Bend.

Bayou Bend

With a short walk from the Visitor and Education Center, entering through the suspension bridge over Buffalo Bayou, greeted at the Estates North Gardens Greek Statue, Muse Clio.


The 1927 build home houses a furniture display of American History  from 1620 to 1870 and charming collection of pottery, silver.  Due to the tight Photography policy I can’t display the very warming insight of the home, but the Formal Gardens, with its Azalea and Camellias in bloom.


Formal Gardens: Azaleas in bloom







Goddess Diana











The Estate, with its collections and themes, amazing color tones and its furniture reflecting on an era in time with a certain lovely taste.


There is a strict policy for Photography and for Visiting with Children. For Information about events and the Collection and Gardens:

Butterfly Garden

Official Website Visitor Info

Wikipedia: info/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bayou_Bend_Collection_and_Gardens







2015 By Melanie Sainturi 



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